Clocks EP

by Zoozbuh, Real Faction

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'Clocks' - a collaboration EP brought to you by Zoozbuh and Real Faction. We hope you enjoy these six brand new tracks. Visit our respective youtube pages for more of our music!

Zoozbuh --
Real Faction --


released September 8, 2013

EP by Zoozbuh and Real Faction (Specific credits given in each individual track).
Cover art photography by Toxic Rose (Carmen Harris)
Visit her page here:



all rights reserved


Zoozbuh UK

Zoozbuh started out several years ago by uploading English cover-versions of popular Anime and Vocaloid songs on YouTube. Recently he has also managed to experiment with his own original material- self-produced tracks, as well as with other musicians and producers.

Since his music has never been 'conventional', he prefers not to limit himself to a particular genre.
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Track Name: 24 Hours
Sometimes in your life you meet a one-of-a-kind
The kind of person you cannot be without
But a lot of times, there's those you don't wanna find
The game-players who can't make up their minds

If you can't talk to me straight; mincing your words
you better find a whole lot more to say
Cause I'm not gonna run around, try to chase you down
It's really not worth it to me

24 hours in a day but somehow I can't find
a single minute I'd give up for you
Way too busy for another problem so you'll
have to wait another day, maybe a month or two
24 hours in a day and yet, there's not a second
I would spare for all these games you play
If you wanna talk, then go ahead.. but if you
were hoping I would care, it's time to go away

Yeah, I've got no time for you
Don't need to think it through

I have always given you a chance in the past
But with you, what you see is not what you get
Hanging round one second, then you're gone the next
And what you're thinking I just don't have a clue

If you can't tell it to me straight, then try harder
and find something new to say
Cause I'm not gonna run around,
crack your codes and track you down
It's just not worth it to me, no~


24 hours in a day but somehow I can't find
a single minute I'd give up for you
If you wanna talk, then go ahead.. Hoping I
would care? It's time to go away..
Track Name: Change Gears
Running on the spot but I'm not moving
Whatever I try, nothing's happening
No progress, no moving forward
That's the way it feels

Just white noise buzzing in my head
Mind's alive, inspiration's dead
Really don't know how to get myself going
and kick-start my engine

But sometimes the cure's real simple
You need to just let go
Cause when ideas aren't lighting up
You gotta change gears, you know~

Change your focus, change your view~
Doesn't matter what you wanna do
Just take your mind off it, take it real slow
Cause you might be on the wrong road
Start afresh, new attitude
If you're stuck now, you can only improve
Just take your mind off it, see how it goes
Cause you might be on the wrong road
Change gears, move to the fast lane
Don't fear, can only get better from here

We all get lost on the road sometimes
You take a wrong turn when the sign said right
There's no point going round in circles
Get off the roundabout

Open the window and get some air,
Let the doubt in your mind repair
'Cause things aren't perfect the first time round
To get up, you gotta fall down

Sometimes the cure's real simple
You need to just let go
Cause when ideas aren't lighting up
You gotta change gears, you know~

Repeat Chorus to end
Track Name: Ends and Beginnings
It’s just one of those days, where I gotta let go
All these clouds in my way, stress on overflow
Don’t think I did them wrong, though it over too many times
So why all of a sudden, did they disappear from my life?

Maybe I was just a thorn in their side,
Or maybe the whole time was a lie
No closure, but what’s there to hide?
I guess I better just enjoy the ride

Maybe I won’t have the last laugh,
But at least the music will always last.
Just a shame my heart’s on my sleeve
At least I won’t get up and leave

Some things come and go,
Just like crows and embryos
If everything stayed the same,
Life would be a silly game.

Won’t put my heart on the line
I’ll take this mask off from my eyes,
So I’ll never wonder why,
Ends and beginnings never lie

Sometimes I get confused, after all we’ve been through
Need to a make a choice today, and tell myself I’ll be okay
It’s one of those times, when you gotta stay strong
It ain’t the end, life goes on
Better things await, people come and go
Scenes change like a Broadway show

There's someone who dedicates their time,
And doesn't make me feel like caring's a crime.
Reminds me who I need to be,
and how much they mean to me.

I'm just in a transition phase,
With you, I don’t feel trapped in a maze.
Time to start a new chapter again,
and spare some time for a friend

Repeat Chorus (x2)
Track Name: Time
I got so many things crossing my mind,
so stressed, no rest, feels like I'm gonna unwind.
I don't want this so take it, ‘cause I'm about to lose it and break it.
There's no way to fake it, sometimes I wonder if I'll make it.
I know I gotta be strong, not just for myself,
but for the people I love, I gotta endure hell.
It's hard to breathe in peace, I'm chokin on my disease,
2 months and goin' and I'm on my knees,
prayin' "I know it's gettin' better but can I just skip this part of life,
God I want my old life back can't you give me advice?"
Then I realize the past is the past, I gotta work with what I have,
so I'm thankful I'm alive, sometimes I'm so surprised,
I've got friends to stay close to, and family who pulls through,
I don't deserve it after how I acted, but then I remember what I did,
people screamed at me said things they didn't mean,
I forgave them, I love them, it was only a scene,

We live and we learn and it makes us who we are,
Remember that's what got us this far.
Live every day like you'll die tomorrow,
Sinatra's got me hooked on that phrase I borrowed
And if i don't see you the next day, i gotta let you know,
you're always in my heart now, and I'll never let you go.
Just remember if things ever get out of line,
Pain never heals fast, all it takes is time.

Sometimes as logical as things may seem,
it's wrong, all wrong, the truth is yet to be seen,
it's hidin' right behind us just gotta look closer,
every day we're learning, so never be so sure,
about the facts of life, just take it as it comes,
don't be afraid, and just wait, and you'll die when you're done.
Friends get us through the hardships, real friends never leave,
backstabbin' players jokin' cause they got tricks up their sleeves,
You're better than this, don't put up with nonsense,
they say they'll give you change but all they got is two cents,
they'll only change if they want to, usually ya get screwed,
someone who cares shows your real worth and never wants to use you.
They say time is money, it's truth and a lie,
love brings more happiness than money can buy.
We question for our sake, bout time we got a break,
love the freedom, the thought, and the choices we can make.
Track Name: Never Let You Go
Over the years, I've been so far away
You hoped to see the second part of me, waiting for the day.
You'd get an overdose, of spite and hate
Even though you gave me everything I have today
But now I have something else to say.

You pulled me out of those holes
You raised my musical soul
Gave me all I need to survive,
and woke me from those bitter lies.

You worked so hard to build me up,
And what I’ve done is not enough,
I feel even someone like you,
Shouldn't love me like you do,
But I'm so glad, you're the best mom and dad,
And I want you to know,
With all my soul I love you both,
I'm a better man now so I'll never let you go

Been through those days, felt like running away
Somehow at the end of it all, I feel much stronger today
At the time, the last thing I wanted to do was to stop and listen to you
But there’s a reason you meddled, got caught in the middle
You’re the only ones who cared enough to stop all the trouble, yeah

You pulled me out of those holes
Nurtured my musical soul
Gave me all I needed to survive,
Without you, I’d be lost inside

Repeat Chorus